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Where are you [place]

Place is a very old concept, I wouldn’t mind putting money on the possibility that place is the first part of marketing,  Place or location, stems all the way back to our origins before agriculture, way back to the hunter gather period.

I also think that this goes as much for buyer and seller.  For the most part I believe the ‘buyer‘ is tapping into primal urges to return with food.  ‘Sellers‘ seek buyers and need to find their products & services.  That’s good news, isn’t it?  I mean, if my guess works in practice.

The Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix

In practice then, how does this benefit you? Every fisherman knows that you need to be where the fish are, and you need to use the right bait. Every hunter knows that you need to understand the habits of your prey so that you can anticipate their location and capture them. Finally, everyone of our ancestors knows how important it is to know where to find the bush with the best berries and greens with the most richest leaves. The clarion call is: Location, location, location. Put your self, your products, your services, your brand together with your customer.

Your customer is the same. She knows where to find what she wants or where to look when she needs to find something new. As the long time successful advertising campaign once puts it, she know … “Where do ya git it?!

If you can’t be everywhere like Coke a Cola, the next best thing is to be where your customer goes or where others offer your type of product.

The solution to the P for place is the question:

Where are you customer?


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