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Me vs Shop [promotion]

I just added a link for top notch presentation on the technical aspects of better practice for web sites on my ‘stuff‘ page.  Jump across and have a look: “Towards eGovernment 2.0“, from José Alonso.

I like it as a wrap-up of technical and regulatory aspects of your web page.  Add you marketing vision, and integrate the site with your marketing programme — There’s a winner.

Slide #7 is called, “Organisation vs User“.  In your context, I turned it around and put the customer first — To her, your “the shop“.  What do you like about your favourite shop?  What do you least like about your least favourite shop?  Your favourite and least liked supplier?

That makes you the customer.  Do you want your customers to think, “Me vs Shop” or “Me with Shop”?  Check out slide #25: “Avoid Obscurity by Default“.

The world is simple really, isn’t it!


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Sales isn’t Marketing [personal]

There’s a split in the practice with most organisations between what is “marketing” and what is “sales”; and with me on what is “business development”. Unless you are a government entity and it seems they don’t feel a need to “sell nuffun’“.

CEO s view more demanding customers not as a threat, but as an opportunity to differentiate. CEO s are spending more to attract and retain increasingly prosperous, informed and socially aware customers.

Test yourself: Enterprise of the Future assessment tool

A really good sales person is not the guy who makes the sale at all costs, imho.  That is the marketing equivalent of a scorched Earth tactic.

A good customer consultant is a trustworthy complement to the customer service of the business.  Last week I experienced the impersonal feel of a  large Australian corporation’s computer hang-up my phone call … 4 x times!  I got through on the 5th and final call.  It reminded me why I dumped that company in the 1980-s.

There was more non-personal treatment yesterday when I received a phone call from a “team leader” responding to my on-line feedback that hanging-up on me, even if lines are busy, is MY choice.  Calling me in the middle of a busy day, is Not My Choice.  Finally because I understand how these systems are assembled, I also know that a customer service “team leader” is not empowered to correct a technical issue with the telephone routing system.

I am not naming the company, they seem to have had a hard enough time with their foot in their mouth this year (and it’s only Feb!).

Have they “diversified to meet my needs”?  Are they ready for their future?  Did they treat my honestly helpful intention  as an opportunity?  Or did they [organisationally] want to call me to “educate me” in their ways?

And therein lies my point.  Over 2 thirds of the 1,000+ CEO-s surveyed (IBM, 2008, p.7) agree their businesses need to become more personal to work with your customer.

A less kind blogger would have identified my exemplar organisaiton.  I suggest you buy shares in one of their competitors.  How do you do that, when I didn’t tell you ‘who’ they were?

It is easy, if you do the work.  Who responds with genuine customer care and who gets on the news and “educates” us?

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