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Hello and welcome to the new mbi blog. The column talks about applying marketing principles to the world. “Why marketing?

Whatever your ambition, the outcome depends on the consistent elements in the connection between you and everyone else — That’s a “market“: where an exchange between two or more people happens. People in the arts, non-profit, open source, and government also make exchanges.

As background, marketing’s “Four P-s” are only a handy aide memoir for each P. For instance: the things you can directly change in any exchange.

  • Cost … What the other surrenders to accept your offer [Price].
  • Offer …What other person gains [Product].
  • Delivery … How you make the exchange [Place].
  • Messages … Why an exchange with you has value for the other [Promotion].
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There are other things that you can influence indirectly. In my experience the indirect things are less critical than people of little substance tend to want to think. Just keep it real man.

Comments are welcome on the technology of marketing in practice.

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