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Please bear in mind, that I don’t always endorse the content of some articles. The information ought to be respected for the diligence devoted to it, and it is my opinion that you deserve to decide for your self.

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Journals & Papers

  • Blair, J. & Level, A.V. (2008) Creating and evaluating a subject-based blog: planning, implementation, and assessment. Reference Services Review, 36, 2, pp. 156.
    … Have you ever wanted to konw what it takes to own your own, promote and evaluate your own blog / blogging server?
  • Ciborra, C.U. & Andreu, R. (2001) Sharing knowledge across boundaries. Journal of Information Technology, 16, 2, pp. 73.
    … Take an information systems approach to knowledge management.
  • Murray, B. (2007) Brands Must Listen to Web Chatter. Strategic Communication Management, 11, 5, pp. 9.
    … On-line opinion leaders can influence their peer group, and striking examples of successful viral campaigns are easy enough to find. My first thought was, what about the viral programmes that don’t get moving?


  • Weick, K.E. (2001) Making Sense of the Organization, Edn, Oxford, UK, Blackwell Publishing.
    … This is a book full of examples and cases in organisational thinking. In one of my very first marketing courses, we had a small handbook called “Marketing Mistakes“, a copy of Weick (2001) or even Weick (1995) would have made an invaluable companion to that book.
  • Weick, K.E. (1995) Sensemaking in Organizations, SAGE.

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