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Engaging with Social Media [Promotion]

I see this blog as a ‘service’ to support understanding behind any common misconceptions by that other guy, who ‘knows’ what “marketing is“.   In my opinion, only your customer knows what marketing-is, and that is what appeals to her.

Here’s a simple presentation about the social media.  I like this approach because it gets the important things out there.  You’ll notice too that the focus is on the ‘new media’ as media, that is a channel to deliver your message [Promotion].

Five Steps To Using Social Media to
Make Your Next Event A Massive Success
“, by Stephen Nold

You can’t just leave your message and communication to technology.  A lot of people do, and if you make enough noise, someone will notice you, even if it is just to “close the door” so that they no long hear you.

That’s why to me, your promotion strategy needs to be solid around the service (and product) you provide.   If your customer isn’t on the latest craze, it doesn’t matter what you tell them, and you probably won’t to too much damage to your brand, either.

For me, I’m asking for the pay-back on your investment in time, passion, creativity and above all OPPORTUNITY that you donated to the universe because it seems likely (just to me) that all of marketing is strategic in nature, and when it isn’t then it isn’t “marketing”.

Media selection is about the message and the promotion.  “Media” isn’t an answer, it is just one of the questions in your promotional mix. W I S H


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Me vs Shop [promotion]

I just added a link for top notch presentation on the technical aspects of better practice for web sites on my ‘stuff‘ page.  Jump across and have a look: “Towards eGovernment 2.0“, from José Alonso.

I like it as a wrap-up of technical and regulatory aspects of your web page.  Add you marketing vision, and integrate the site with your marketing programme — There’s a winner.

Slide #7 is called, “Organisation vs User“.  In your context, I turned it around and put the customer first — To her, your “the shop“.  What do you like about your favourite shop?  What do you least like about your least favourite shop?  Your favourite and least liked supplier?

That makes you the customer.  Do you want your customers to think, “Me vs Shop” or “Me with Shop”?  Check out slide #25: “Avoid Obscurity by Default“.

The world is simple really, isn’t it!

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G’day [promotion]

Hi mate.

You know what, I thought about calling the first post “Hello world”, which would be poor marketing on my part. This column is for bits and pieces of basic marketing stuff. This comment is an example of: P for promotion.

You can see quite a bit of material on creativity in marketing, especially in the promotion.  Will your customer notice you if your ‘creative’ statement is outside his or her  “sense-making model“?

I want to give you a good yardstick to self-check your promotions: W I S H ?

  • What — Means His or Her personal benefit and value to that person.  This isn’t necessarily your product or service either.
  • Is  — Indicating now or in the near future.   Your reputation is only as good as the experience with next thing this individual buys from you.
  • Sensible  —  It has to make sense to the customer (not necessarily to you).
  • Her or Him  — Your customer.  This is an individual, who is someone, decidedly not you.

When you can continually fulfil your customer’s WISH in fact and not just on the box or the poster, you are well on your way to building a strong business.

Imagine you are my customer, does WISH make sense to you?  Hopefully you have questions and comments.  Sense-making involves you answering your questions.


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